Herfsland is a Home for the Aged of the Dutch Reformed Church: Synod Hoëveld


Herfsland has 124 occupants of which 99 are frail older persons and 25 are semi-frail older persons. It also has an Alzheimer-department that can hold 19 patients.

Herfsland also has 44 life right housing units.


Herfsland is an independent welfare organisation specialising in caring for the elderly of the Kempton Park and Tembisa communities on a sustainable and spiritual basis.



To provide complete services to older persons in the communities of Kempton Park and Tembisa that includes the following:

 - Programmes for active ageing

 - Managing a Service Centre

 - Home based care services

 - Residential services

 - Safe and affordable housing for less privileged older persons

 - Life right units